MD Message

Farheen Sait
Managing Director
Mindscape Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.

Farheen Sait is the Managing Director of Mindscape Exhibitions and Conferences. She was the Director of Marketing at Mindscape Exhibitions and has now taken over as MD based on her success and development as a Team Leader and Business Head in the company. She has an unsophisticated yet powerfully effective vision of taking Mindscape Exhibitions to new levels of achievement and growth in order to further enhance the foundational work done by the Founder of the Company. Farheen has a dynamic, youthful, progressive and evolutionary vision for the company and is working towards global market recognition and efficient profitability for Mindscape Exhibitions. Her dedication and passion to achieve and her willingness to develop and learn continually, has provided the team and the company with the opportunity to expand its horizons and explore multi-faceted opportunities and platforms of business development and innovative professionalism.

“Leadership and Learning are Indispensable of each other” – John F Kennedy

Mindscape Exhibitions – Inspiring evolutionary Business Landscapes
Our Team has been building expansive communities to bring markets and people together for over 15 years. Our organization is creative, customer-focused and believes in curating new ideas and avenues for exhibitions and allied event sectors. We have a progressive organizational approach that attracts top worldwide companies and brands to showcase their specialized products and services through our domains.

Our core purpose is to create exclusive, captivating and successful business gathering to deliver remarkable events and entities. Our initiatives are guided by our team, culture, brands, values, synergy and help us to generate sustainable value and maintain positive, long-term business relationships.